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Soul Tank Productions is a company all about rehabilitation, collaboration, training and empowerment of youth. Soul Tank's goal is to create and manage a database of youth talent in the wider Arts and Culture sector, to help alleviate drugs, crime and unemployment in our communities by providing platforms for the youth to own and benefit from their talent/skill. The arts are a great way of keeping our youth off the streets and a great way of alleviating poverty as they are fun, highly motivating, can help with self-esteem and basic personal discipline. The arts are also a wonderful way of creating healthy competition and therefore assist youth to strive for the best. The vision came along when I, Sivu Watermeyer, moved from the comfort of growing up and living in the suburb of Observatory in Cape Town, to the harsh hood streets of Crossroads, a township in the greater Nyanga metro of Cape Town. Coming with an "outsider" perspective, it was easier for me to notice the great potential that lies with the untapped resource of unemployed raw talent that eventually goes to waste.

When Soul Tank Productions was finally registered as an active company in July of 2012, the vision was and still is of becoming a self-efficient business that collaborates with young artists to put together art works in forms of music releases, stage performances, rehabilitation and training of younger members. Soul Tank is not intended to be a music label in the sense where we sign artist as we are not restricted to just music, but merely to act as a platform for young artists in general arts and culture, to practice professionalism, build self-esteem and put together works of art that can be sold as a quality product that can therefore generate vital revenue. Soul Tank is also in part an agency that helps with artist management and outsourcing of talent. We currently have in our database a steady growth of young semi-professional artists that we will be starting our intended programs with. This database has mostly come from Crossroads, also including Nyanga, New Crossroads and KTC. As the company was opened in Cape Town, it was only by natural progression that the database was started in these Cape Town townships. However, Soul tank is not restricted to Cape Town.

While creating, rehearsing and selling of quality art works, Soul Tank Productions aims on creating vital partnerships with government community projects and other private initiatives such as youth driven NGO’s. It is understood by us that we cannot succeed with this goal and vision alone, and will therefore need collaboration, which is one of our core values.

Soul Tank Productions is not an NGO because we found that certain NGO’s tend to be restricted in what remuneration they give to their employees or volunteers as they depend solely on funding. As a private company, the youth in the database can then work towards being full time employees and becoming partial owners of the company.

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